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Are you tired of sifting through countless numbers of David and Gillian websites, looking for that needle in a haystack site that is worth your while? Well, stop searching! EDDAGA lists only the best sites, so you will have more time to get the information you want!

Choose one for a list of quality links.
David Duchovny Links

David Duchovny - Find links to some of the best sites devoted to David Duchovny, including the David Duchovny Archive and the SPCDD.

Gillian Anderson Links

Gillian Anderson - Links to many great sites devoted to Gillian Anderson, including GAWS and the Gillian Anderson Video Vault.

X-Files Links

X-Files - Includes links to X-Files sites with the most information, quality, and creativity, such as the Haven for the FBIs Most Unwanted.

Character Links

Character Links -- Here you will find links to sites devoted to characters on the X-Files, such as the OBSSE.

Other Cast/Crew Links

Other Cast/Crew - Find links to sites dedicated to other members of the X-Files cast and crew, such as the Chris Carter Homepage and Club Nic Lea.

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