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1. Who is Gillian Anderson?

2. What is Gillian Anderson's family background?

3. What is the correct pronunciation of Gillian's name?

4. What is Gillian's educational background?

5. What are Gillian's vital statistics?

6. Is Gillian married?

7. Does Gillian have any children?

8. Where did Gillian come up with the name Piper Maru for her daughter?

9. Does Gillian have any pets?

10. Why did Gillian begin acting?

11. What is the story behind Gillian's punk history?

12. How did Gillian get the part of Dana Scully?

13. Does Gillian believe in UFOs and the paranormal?

14. What are Gillian's favorite episodes of the X-Files?

15. Is Gillian leaving the X-Files?

16. Does Gillian not get along with David (Duchovny)?

17. How does Gillian feel about being famous?

18. What charities does Gillian support?

19. Is Gillian aware of the many internet groups that worship her?

20. What is Gillian's email address?

21. Are there any Gillian Anderson mailing lists/fan clubs?


Here is a list of true/false questions related to Gillian Anderson to clear up the rumors and verify the truth.

1. Gillian Anderson smokes.
Answer: True, Gillian has smoked since she was a teenager.

2. Gillian does not drink alcohol.
Answer: True, Gillian had a drinking problem and stopped drinking shortly before she turned 21.

3. Gillian lost her virginity at the age of 13.
Answer: True.

4. When Gillian was a teenager she had a boyfriend ten years her senior.
Answer: True, Gillian was 14 when her four-year relationship with Len Wallace, 23, began.

5. Gillian appeared topless in her first film.
Answer: True. Though Gillian's role in 1988's The Turning includes just a few scenes, one of them happens to be a brief love scene.

6. Gillian has a tattoo and her navel pierced.
Answer: True. The tatto is of two turtles and is on her right ankle.

7. Gillian was romantically involved with an accused rapist.
Answer: False, Gillian vehemently denies having a romantic relationship with Adrian Hughes, who Gillian called a friend before his arrest on rape charges.

8. Gillian and Clyde Klotz are battling for custody of Piper. Answer: False, the two have worked out what Gillian calls a "complicated" custody arrangement for Piper now that production of the show has moved to Los Angeles.

9. Gillian is seriously involved with (Insert Name Here).
Answer: False, Gillian has not been seriously linked to anyone since her break up with Rod Rowland.