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This document was written by Sarah Poisel and may
only be used elsewhere with my name attached. Please notify
me if you intend on using this FAQ for your webpage.

1. Who is David Duchovny?

2. What is David Duchovny's family background?

3. What is the correct spelling/pronunciation of David's last name?

4. What is David's educational background?

5. What are David's vital statistics?

6. Is David married?

7. Does David have any children?

8. Does David have any pets?

9. Why did David begin acting?

10. What does David like to do in his spare time?

11. Does David believe in UFOs and the paranormal?

12. What are David's favorite/least favorite episodes of the X-Files?

13. Is David leaving the X-Files?

14. Do David and Gillian (Anderson) hate each other?

15. How does David feel about being famous?

16. What charities does David support?

17. Is David aware of the many internet groups that worship him?

18. What is David's email address?

19. Are there any David Duchovny mailing lists/fan clubs?